Bachelorarbeiten zu Software

Thema:Implementation of new tracking variables into Belle II Simulation
Zusammenfassung: Many analyses in Belle II rely heavily on a good tracking performance of the detector. As the Belle II experiment ramps up its luminosity by increasing the beam optics parameters, the beam background in the detector also increases. With increased backgrounds, there is a higher probability to associate the wrong (background) hit to the signal track. In this project, you would devise and implement a new set of variables in the Belle II simulation software (e.g number of background hits due to beam background per track), which would quantify this performance degradation directly. After implementation of the new variables you would conduct a performance study with B ->J/psi K simulation under increasing background conditions.
Sie lernen kennen:C++, python, data analysis
Referent:Prof. Dr. Torben Ferber
Ansprechpartner:Dr. Slavomira Stefkova
Letzte Änderung:23.01.2023