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Despite its name, research in the Institute of Experimental Nuclear Physics (IEKP) is not mainly concerned with nuclear physics, but rather with basic research in the fields of astroparticle and particle physics. We investigate the fundamental puzzles of nature on the largest and the smallest lengths scales.

Currently the main research topics at IEKP are:

  • Experimental particle physics at high energy colliders at the European laboratory for particle physics CERN and at KEK in Japan;
  • Astroparticle physics at the highest energies at KIT Campus North and at the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina;
  • Search for dark matter undergroud with EDELWEISS and on the International Space Station with AMS-02;
  • Measurement of the neutrino mass with KATRIN at KIT.


The research at IEKP is motivated by questions like: "What is matter made out of on the fundamental level?" and "What are the fundamental forces of nature?"

To pursuit these questions we investigate the properties of the most fundamental particles known today. We operate several experiments, mostly in collaboration with many other institutes from all parts of the world. The closest collaboration happens within experimental and theoretical groups at the KIT Center Particle and Astroparticle Physics (KCETA).