New Measurement on Z Bosons presented at EPS Conference

August 22, 2023
CMS Collaboration
Summary of all measurements of the cross section of the production of Z bosons at different center-of-mass energies with the CMS experiment. The result of this measurement is the cross on the right.
Xunwu Zuo
The results of the measurement is presented at EPS conference.

A team from ETP performed the measurement of the cross section of Z boson production at the new LHC center-of-mass energy of 13.6 TeV at the CMS experiment. The result, in good agreement with the predictions, has now been published and shown for the first time at the EPS conference in Hamburg.

Often referred to as the standard candle of particle physics, the Z boson is a particle that is very well understood both theoretically and experimentally. After a downtime of several years, data taking at the LHC resumed last year, increasing the center-of-mass energy from 13 TeV to 13.6 TeV. The measurement of Z bosons provides valuable contributions to the understanding of the new measurement data. The measurement results show that the CMS experiment is ready for further measurements, which may push the Standard Model to its limits.

Contact: Prof. Markus Klute