Weiberfastnacht at ETP

February 16, 2023
Olha Lavoryk
Prof. Dr. Margarete Mühlleitner and Regina Hühn take over power at ETP

On Thursday February 16 - Weiberfastnacht, the Institute of Experimental Particle Physics experienced an unexpected and exciting takeover as part of a long-standing carnival tradition. Maggie Mühlleitner, a prominent figure in the world of theoretical particle physics, took over the institute for the day, injecting a festive spirit into the typically serious environment of the laboratory. As part of this age-old tradition, women cut off men's ties as a symbolic gesture of taking over power during the carnival season. Markus Klute, Torben Ferber, and Alexander Heidelbach were among those who had their ties cut by Mühlleitner and her team.