March 7, 2023 - Higgs, Cosmic Rays, and Big Data at TRIANGEL

Beatrix von Puttkamer
Prof. Ulrich Husemann at Triangel Open Space

 "What do we already know about our universe?" This question was at the center of an evening event as part of the Karlsruhe Science Festival EFFEKTE on March 7, 2023. The TRIANGEL Open Space at Karlsruhe's Kronenplatz was filled to the last seat when Prof. Ulrich Husemann from ETP presented the current state of research on the Higgs particle in a short keynote presentation. Prof. Ralph Engel and Dr. Andreas Haungs from IAP shed light on the search for cosmic super-accelerators and the role of Big Data in the exploration of the universe. Afterwards, the numerous guests were invited to visit an exhibition on particle and astroparticle physics in which they had opportunities to learn more about our research and to talk to scientists from ETP and IAP.