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EDELWEISS experimental setup


EDELWEISS (Expérience pour DEtecter Les Wimps En SIte Souterrain) is a direct Dark Matter search experiment looking for WIMPs (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles) which are expected to comprise the non-baryonic cold Dark Matter. The detection of these particles on earth is possible by measuring their elastic scattering off a barionic matter in a suitable detector. Part of the WIMP kinetic energy can be deposited in the detector as recoil energy. The expected interaction rate is very small as well as the energy signal. In order to be able to measure these rare and small signals, EDELWEISS uses an array of cryogenic detectors (bolometers) which run at about 20mK and each consists of a single, ultra pure Germanium crystal of 800g. To minimize the background radiation, the whole experiment is built in a underground laboratory (Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane (LSM), France). The EDELWEISS collaboration is a collaboration of 11 institutes from 4 countries.


Further Information

For more information: EDELWEISS Dark Matter group in KIT.